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Goldie can be found strolling from one classroom to another, cheering any students who come her way. MICHELLE mcap discord IVY was born just 15 months after Jessica, and already aspires to be just like her big sister.

In addition to teaching within NYC DOE, Victoria has over 12 years of experience providing individualized tutoring in Math and English Language Arts. Victoria can’t wait to prepare students for the ELA and Math state exams at Kweller Prep. She is fluent in Russian and lives to cook meals from around the world.

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He has taken and excelled in numerous AP and SAT subject courses, including Calculus BC, Chemistry, Biology, World History, Psychology, and Macroeconomics. He scored a 2210 on his SAT as well as a 522 on his MCAT, placing him in the 99th percentile. Sam has worked as a tutor in both the private and classroom setting for over 8 years. He’s worked with over 100 students from grades K-12 as well as at the college level, tutoring a variety of subjects and exam preparation, mcap discord including Regents, SHSAT, SAT, and AP exams. He believes that given the proper motivation and guidance, every student has the ability to excel. RAJ will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a rising freshman this Fall with a full-tuition, merit-based scholarship. This past year, Raj was accepted to various prestigious universities such as Princeton and the Fu Engineering School at Columbia, but decided to choose MIT in the end.

She is currently full-time middle school Social Studies teacher, and has previously taught math and ELA middle school classes for 6 years. Victoria is part of a NYC Teaching Fellowship program and received training as part of a rigorous scholarship with a focus on providing practice-based learning, in addition to tailoring instruction to each individual student. Victoria’s passion is working within high-needs populations where she can provide equal education opportunities to students with a variety of learning needs. Through her work with special needs students, Victoria is quickly able to identify academic strengths and weaknesses, which she then uses to drive her instruction. Victoria received her Bachelor’s Degree from Binghamton University in Psychology and she holds a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education.

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When he is not tutoring at Kweller, Daniel is a Kweller Prep student, born-and-raised student-tutor and is proud to be a member of our Kweller Prep Family for many years already. BETTY is a student at the SUNY Downstate Accelerated Nursing Program. She graduated from Brooklyn College, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and minored in Chemistry. She graduated in the top 1% from the Health Professions Academy mcap discord at Forest Hills High School with a 100 GPA. Because of her outstanding academic performance in high school, Betty earned a full academic scholarship to study at Brooklyn College. She took AP US History, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Economics, AP Psychology, and AP Statistics along with 6 College Now Classes while at Forest Hills High School. Betty entered Brooklyn College with 30+credits, making her a sophomore upon entry.

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In addition to teaching, Karina is one of the select few writers of Earth Science curriculum. In the summer of 2018, Karina worked full-time as a Curriculum Specialist Liaison for Nassau BOCES and coached summer school future Earth Science teachers in Nassau County. Both a teacher and a trainer, Karina as a perfect fit to prepare Kweller Prep students for the upcoming Regents exam. Karina mcap discord is fluent in Spanish and has also tutored students for ten years in Spanish, Algebra, and Geometry. Karina and Frances share a 20-year friendship since they were both classmates at New York University’s Steinhardt’s School of Education. In her free time, Karina enjoys practicing yoga weekly, hiking seasonally, and spending quality-time daily with her 10-year old daughter, Lily.

Goldie is a hypoallergenic miniature labradoodle and intuitively hugs and kisses any stressed-out kids or parents who come her way. Goldie is available 7-days a week for cuddling and alternates visits from Kweller Queens to Manhattan. She is frequently be found resting her head on a nearby student’s shoes (she loves shoes!). When not at Kweller Prep, Goldie enjoys playing with other small puppies at the nearby dog park at the Parker towers. Her friendly, playful personality and calm demeanor puts both students and parents at ease during tough testing times, creating a happy and positive environment.

Mariah tutored kids at the shelter ages five through thirteen in English, Math, and the Sciences. She began learning French during her freshman year of High School at Molloy and is continuing to expand her knowledge at Fordham. We are proud to add that Mariah is a longtime former student at Kweller Prep. Maria’s older sister, Liss Mendez, was also a longtime former student at Kweller Prep and Molloy HS graduate. Liss also served as a legal intern for Frances Kweller years ago. Liss went on to attend St. John’s University School of Law and recently passed the New York State Bar exam. We are excited to have Mariah as a TACHS exam tutor, role model, and mentor for the students at Kweller Prep.

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  • William teaches a variety of physics classes at Kweller Prep.
  • As a college freshman, Kissenya was placed on the Dean’s list due to her academic excellence.
  • His goal is to influence education on a much greater scale and hopes his legacy will be one where he helped make access to higher education material more universal.
  • Ksenya graduated from Forest Hills High School and was a member of their selective Carl Sagan Math and Science Research Program.
  • Kissenya graduated top 1% from her high school and maintained a class rank of 11/1056 and a 101 cumulative weighted average.
  • KSENYA is currently a freshman in Adelphi University’s Nursing Program and on the Presidency Academic Scholarship.

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After studying for an entire summer at Kweller Prep, he earned a 1500/1600 on his SATS. Daniel graduated Forest Hills High School at the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA and even got the Principal’s recommendation! Now, Daniel is interning at a prestigious high-tech dental office that uses 3D printing to perform unparalleled mcap discord dental care. Daniel is thriving in Adelphi University, taking courses like Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, all on top of his required Honors courses. Daniel enjoys playing sports like volleyball and table tennis. Daniel has journeyed to Russia, Poland, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Canada, and Mexico.

He recently graduated from the High School of American Studies, one of two specialized high schools in the Bronx. Raj scored in the 99th percentile on his SAT with a 1530/1600, with an 800/800 on the Math section. Additionally, Raj excelled on his SAT 2 tests with a 790/800 on his Math 2 test and a 780/800 on both his Physics and World History tests. Since the 6th grade, Raj attended Kweller Prep for both Kweller’s Hunter and Baccalaureate Prep classes.

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Career-wise, however, baby Michelle has different plans, for she will explore a pre-med track, ultimately becoming the first doctor in her immediate family. Mommy discovered this career desire after baby Michelle began playing with the pediatrician’s stethoscope during wellness checkups. This was, of course, a clear indication mcap discord that baby Michelle aspires to become a doctor and only pursue colleges offering BS/MD programs. To encourage her medical-school inclined desires, mommy will encourage baby Michelle to take accelerated math and science courses from an early age. Michelle is to graduate with a math and science regents by the end of 8th grade.

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She was part of the track and field team where she threw the javelin, shot put, and discus for three years. Mariah served as a youth ambassador for Project Nyme Nsa, a non-profit organization that works to create homes and opportunities for orphans in Ghana and Zambia, Africa.

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