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It states that the time-bar applies solely to personal people initiating the quo warranto proceeding. Nonetheless, it argues that the time-bar, assuming that it applies against the State, has not yet expired. In Alabama, a somewhat novel doctrine is maintained, with regard to the utilization of a quo warranto information as a means of testing the title to an office, and ousting an incumbent unlawfully exercising its franchises, and the propriety of the treatment in that state would appear to be dependent upon the ineligibility of the officer, or his unlawful election within the first occasion. In accordance with the above rule, the JBC would provide the Court en banc with the dossiers of the qualified candidates for the vacant positions within the Court.

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The Court is anticipated to be the last resort even in figuring out whether a political majority has transgressed its constitutional energy or a elementary proper of the minority. Nonetheless, the independent character of the Judicial and Bar Council as a constitutional physique does not take away it from the Court’s jurisdiction when its assailed acts contain grave abuse of discretion. The Concurring Opinion in Villanueva v. Judicial and Bar Council and Separate Opinion in Aguinaldo v. Aquino emphasised that while this Court has the facility of supervision over the Judicial and Bar Council, such energy should solely be exercised in cases when the Council commits grave abuse of discretion. The Judicial and Bar Council is beneath the supervision of the Supreme Court and may exercise such other functions and duties as the Supreme Court may assign to it. This Court’s supervision over the Judicial and Bar Council is further manifested by its composition, whereby the Chief Justice is its ex officio Chair, exercising overall administrative authority within the execution of the Council’s mandate, and whereby the Clerk of Court is its Secretary ex officio. The emoluments of the members of the Council and its budget are decided and provided by this Court.

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– No person shall be appointed Member of the Supreme Court unless he’s a minimal of forty years of age and should have been for fifteen years or more a decide of a decrease court docket or engaged within the follow of legislation within the Philippines. There is not any dispute that respondent was a school member of the UP College of Law from 1986 to 2022. Being a government worker at the time, respondent was required to file the SALN yearly. Public officers and employees are strictly required to fill in all relevant info and/or make a true and detailed assertion of their SALNs. Prescription shall start to run from the day of the commission of the violation of the law, and if the identical be not known at the time, from the invention thereof and the establishment of judicial continuing for its investigation and punishment.

Therefore, any attempt to determine which proceeding to commence based on when the ground for disqualification or ineligibility existed is irrelevant. The ponencia additionally fails to elucidate the inconsistent and absurd penalties of a ruling permitting quo warranto petitions towards appointive impeachable officers. The respondent’s standing may also be taken into consideration, because the Court did in David v. Arroyo, the place several certiorari and prohibition petitions have been filed earlier than the Court to assail presidential issuances of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

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MR. MONSOD. We really feel that an officer within the Ombudsman, if he does his work well, could presumably be stepping on lot of toes. We would actually choose to keep him there however we would like the body to vote on it, although would like to ask if we still have quorum, Madam President. The origin, textual history and construction of the impeachment provisions inevitably result in the conclusion that impeachment is the exclusive mechanism for the removing of incumbent members of the Supreme Court.

  • If Itu Aba was declared an island, it would be able to producing a 200 NM EEZ that might cowl giant components of our EEZ, including Reed Bank and increasing virtually up to Palawan.

Villar was a Commissioner of the COA with a time period of seven years. During Villar’s fourth 12 months as COA Commissioner, COA Chairman Guillermo Carague completed serving his seven -year term. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo then promoted Villar by appointing him as Chairman of the COA and, as such, was considered an impeachable officer under the Constitution. The submitting by the Solicitor General of the current quo warranto petition to oust the Chief Justice seems to be an admission on the a part of the Executive department that the grounds for impeachment, including the bottom upon which this quo warranto petition relies, rest on shaky grounds. Understanding the inherent weak point of the grounds of impeachment and the improbability of ouster by way of the mode constitutionally supplied, the Solicitor General has effectively shopped for various forum to seek the Chief Justice’s ouster. This just isn’t a road less travelled – it’s a prohibited alleyway that, regrettably, the Court is now permitting passage through.

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